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Petty officers training on a training track. Photo Finnish Defence Forces.

The training of petty officers

The petty officers study on basic, general, and master-level courses.

Petty officers are hands-on experts who work as conscript instructors and in tasks requiring special skills and knowhow. They regularly attend further training courses.

Basic level

The basic-level studies begin as soon as possible after the petty officer has been assigned a permanent position in Navy service. The Army Academy gives training in subjects and skills that are common to all services. The service- and branch-specific studies are conducted at the Naval Academy.

A petty officer who has conducted basic level training may work, for example, as an instructor, operator or boatman.

General level

The general-level studies are conducted after approximately 10 years of service and they comprise service- and branch-specific studies at the Naval Academy.

After this a petty officer can work, for example, as a Squad Leader, Chief Petty Officer or Guard Leader.

Master Level

Master-level studies are conducted after approximately 20 years of service. They consist of studies that are common to all services, as well as service- and branch -specific studies.

The common studies are carried out at the Army, Navy and Air Force Academies respectively.

A master-level petty officer is entitled to work, for example, as a Senior Systems PO, Senior Maritime Surveillance PO or Guard Commander.

Branch-specific studies

We arrange courses for all Navy branches:

  • navigation
  • marine engineering
  • maritime surveillance
  • C4
  • ordnance
  • coastal defence
  • drone operators
  • chief stewards
  • boatswains