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Conscript onboard Minelayer.


Conscripts at Coastal Fleet

The Coastal Fleet mainly provides Non-Commissioned Officers training for the naval units and rank and file training for those who serve aboard the vessels. The Coastal Fleet also offers some military police and logistics’ tasks.

All the naval conscripts enter their service at Upinniemi in Kirkkonummi, where their basic training period is carried out. After that the conscripts are transferred to Pansio for their naval troop training period.

The actual naval training takes place aboard the ships in Pansio and Upinniemi. The Non-Commissioned Officer Course enables the conscripts to transfer from rank and file to NCO tasks. Those who are chosen for the Reserve Officer Course will continue their training at the Naval Academy in Suomenlinna.

Make sure to mention your preferred service location already at the call-ups!

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