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Finnish Navy

The Finnish Navy has three statutory tasks related to the military defence of Finland: the surveillance of our territorial waters, repelling of territorial violations and maritime attacks, and protecting sea lines of communication. The Finnish Navy provides surveillance of Finland's territorial waters 24/7/365.

The main aim of maintaining the Finnish Navy's capability and readiness is to be able to perform the statutory tasks, support other authorities, participate in international assistance and participate in international crisis management activities. The Finnish Navy maintains a real-time operational situation picture and participates in combined surveillance activities in the Baltic Sea area through various projects and co-operations. The Navy is on standby, patrols and monitors 24/7/365.

Key capabilities of the Finnish Navy are:

  • Operational Command
  • Surface Warfare
  • Naval Intelligence, Surveillance and Target Acquisition
  • Mine Laying
  • Mine Hunting and Clearing
  • Coastal Unit Mobility and Fire Support
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare

The skills of the troops are maintained through everyday activities, national and international exercises and refresher training. Every year the Finnish Navy turns approximately 3400 conscripts into reservists.

Commander of the Finnish Navy is Rear Admiral Tuomas Tiilikainen.  

Act on the Defence Forces 11.5.2007/551.