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Changing operating environment

The environment Finland and the Finnish Defence Forces operate in has become more and more difficult to predict and faster to change.  This is due to global change factors, climate change, globalisation, pandemics, the multi-polar and contentious world order and the weakening of national freedom to act owing to political, economic and military competition.  

Together these factors make up a networked and unstable whole.  Seemingly small things that take place far away may have unexpectedly significant impacts on the other side of the world.  The Baltic Sea has become the scene of the actions of several actors, and a mirror not only reflecting these events elsewhere, but also reflecting what is taking place far away in the world and the battle of the super powers.  

The Arctic Region’s growing importance and tensions likewise have their reflection in the Baltic Sea in different dimensions. 

Society becoming more pluralistic, multiculturalism, increasing appreciation of free time, rapid changes in the skill sets of persons liable for military service, increasing emphasis on individualism, digitalization, conceptual and practical changes involving work, and global themes and phenomena will change the Navy’s operation in terms of norms, ethics and operating.  Change in the society and the Navy’s internal operating environment may be estimated to further increase regulation in all activities in normal conditions. 

Factors contributing to change call for a new operating culture and attitude toward service in the Navy, and impose new kinds of demands both on the salaried personnel and persons liable for military service with regard to service and organising work.  

The rapid, extensive and profound development of technology requires the Navy to have an ability to use power and protect its activities against high-technology and mobile systems challenging the existing doctrine and weapons, surveillance, and command and control systems. 

The development of the technology in use and digitalisation require both persons liable for military service and salaried personnel to have higher-level, regularly updated and more specific competence and training. Competition for competent work force will increase in the coming years, so the Navy will have to continue to attract competent personnel.