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Ensuring the competence

The training of Navy personnel is based on modern and blended methods which include simulation and operation requirements and operating environment modelling. Simulation and modelling support the practical training provided in the real operating environment. Knowing the topographical features of the area and operating in our own operating environment are our strengths.

The personnel is educated and trained to operate in a dispersed and independent manner guided by the superiors’ intent and determined end state, and to maintain their ability to function at sea and in coastal circumstances all year round.  The personnel’s operational and tactical thinking is trained by means of map exercises, simulations and war games. 

The know-how and performance of the Navy’s readiness units and operational troops trained for emergency circumstances are maintained by regular and high-quality readiness training and contract-based reporting for service.   The local troops are trained to know their own operating area and their first tasks in depth. 

Modern, networked simulators and virtual training environments which meet the competence requirements are systematically used for the training of the personnel, persons liable for military service, commanders and troops of the Navy.  The systems include fixed, centralised training systems and mobile systems distributed at formation level.

All the training provided by the Navy supports the personnel’s performance capability and strengthens their attitudes, and values and motivation involving national defence.  In addition to basic skills, the training emphasizes in-depth know-how in the use of the Navy’s increasingly technical systems.   The training of the personnel ensures the optimal use of the Navy’s different systems and the enhancement of their tactical and operational skills thinking, so that the systems’ capabilities can be taken full advantage of. 

The training provided by the Navy is developed to correspond to its future tasks, operating environment and systems at a more individualised level. 

How are commanding officers trained?

In the Navy, commanding officers are trained for the duties on their level of leadership, and they acquire leadership competence serving in their tasks. In their tasks, commanding officers are capable of independent decisions in compliance with their superior’s intent also in circumstances that involve an element of surprise.  

Commanding officers know their operating area thoroughly, they have the competence of maintaining the capability of their troops all year round, and they know the systems and materiel and how to use them in detail.  The training of chiefs and commanding officers is aimed at ensuring that they are able to execute naval operations as joint operations. 

Competency to utilize the data generated by technical systems is an essential part of leadership.  In addition to technical ability and know-how, leading human beings in another perspective that counts for leadership.  

Fundamentals for leadership are created by demanding and up-to-date leadership training for persons liable for military training, systematically complemented in all basic and continuing training provided for salaried and reservist personnel.  Leadership and Navy leadership are formed into a uniform and clear entity which takes into account the special features of the Navy and naval operations and bases on high professional competence and a foundation of solid values. 

The implementation of leadership training follows an upward trend starting from the battle tactical commanding of people and small units to the full command of combat techniques and tactics. Commanding officers are trained to be more aware than before of the fact that members of a unit may represent diverse sets of values, and that the diversity of values may have a bearing on leadership. 

Leadership and Navy leadership are formed into a uniform and clear entity which takes into account the special features of the Navy and naval operations and bases on high professional competence and a foundation of solid values.

How does the Navy ensure the availability of competent personnel?

The Navy has a large enough, capable personnel suited for their tasks, serving in accordance with the values of the Navy.  The personnel is competent, motivated and willing to defend our nation. 
The Navy personnel’s competence development and performance ability are supported actively.

The Navy strongly encourages the personnel to develop their skills and performance ability on their own initiative, and they are offered opportunities to develop their professional competency in various tasks in Finland and abroad. The personnel are ensured chances to influence the development of their tasks and their personal skills on their job.  

The working conditions in all the tasks of the Navy are high-quality. Flexible working options are widely used for the sake of balancing work and family life.  Perspectives of equality and equal-treatment are accounted for in all locations, activities, training and career planning.  The personnel’s performance ability is supported actively.