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The Coastal Brigade operates in all conditions on the coast 24/7 all year round

Coastal Brigade consists of Headquarter and three divisions. Those three are:

  • Porkkala Coastal Battalion: Support Company, Transport Company, Military Police Company and Materiel Centre. The primary task of this Battalion is to manage the Coastal Brigade's support and maintenance activities: land and sea transports, materiel storing and maintenance as well as numerous garrison support tasks, including guarding.

  • Suomenlinna Coastal Regiment: Anti-Ship Missile Battery, Communications Company, Coastal Company, Coastal Artillery Battery and Section Leader School. The task of these five units is, among other things, to improve and develop the performance of the Naval Missile Batteries, provide basic conscript training and NCO training for five different programmes.

  • Naval Reconnaissance Battalion: Combat Diver School, Special Operations Detachment and Naval Reconnaissance Company. Conscripts for the Combat Diver School are selected based on yearly admission tests. The training is divided into the EOD Diver programme and the Combat Diver programme. The Special Operations Detachment is responsible for training the Naval Special Operation Forces. The main focus of the Naval Reconnaissance Company is to turn conscripts into specialists for coastal conditions, to train naval reconnaissance scouts.