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Coastal Fleet's vessels at sea.

Information about us

By numbers of the paid personnel Coastal Fleet is the number one compared to any brigade level or equivalent unit in Finland. The ratio between its paid personnel and conscripts onboard the units is circa 2/3 to 1/3.

The capabilities of the Coastal Fleet can and are used to support the other Maritime Authorities and participating in international military crisis management operations and military tasks in international crisis management.


Our organisation:



4th Minecountermeasures squadron

  • Mine hunting
  • Mine clearing
  • Diving

6th Surface Warfare Squadron

  • Minelaying
  • Missile weapons
  • Anti-submarine operations
  • 2nd mine Unit, 2nd Misiile Unit, 4th Missile Unit

7th Surface Warfare Squadron

  • Minelaying
  • Missile weapons
  • Air defence
  • MLC Hämeenmaa, 1st Missile Unit, 3rd Missile Unit, 1st Mine Unit

8th Service Support Squadron

  • Maritime supply and transport
  • Oil destruction
  • Garrison support services
  • 1st Transport Unit, 2nd Transport Unit, Support Company (Military police platoon, Support Platoon, Harbour and transport centre, Materiel Centre, NCO Course