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International co-operation

The stability of Finland's neighbouring areas and the Baltic Sea has a significant role to play in the security of Finnish people. The Finnish Defence Forces represents Finland in international operations that generate peace in the world around us. We are implementing the Finnish security policy in practice in Finland and abroad.

The Navy has especially close cooperation with Sweden. In the future, the “FISE” cooperation will be deepened further in both the naval and coastal units through joint exercises and personnel exchange.  

Furthermore, the Navy works in close collaboration with Sweden (Sea surveillance co-operation Finland Sweden, SUCFIS), the Baltic Sea countries (Sea Surveillance Co-operation Baltic Sea, SUCBAS) and the European Union Member States (Maritime Surveillance, MARSUR) to improve international Maritime Situational Awareness. Finland is a forerunner in sharing the common situational picture generated by authorities, and this successful cooperation has raised worldwide attention. 

Our peacekeeping forces work in the crisis areas of the world for international security. There are Finnish peacekeepers involved in operations led by, for example, the UN, the EU and NATO. The Finnish Navy is in national command of the EU-led Operation EUNAVFOR MED IRINI. 
The Navy actively participates in training operations with international partners. The annual Baltops and NOCO exercises are among the main events for the Finnish Navy as well active training exercises with the Standing NATO Maritime Groups (SNMG1 – Standing NATO Maritime Group One and SNMCMG1 – Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 1).