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Conscript training in the Navy 

It is great that you are interested in or that you have been ordered to carry out your military service or your voluntary military service for women in the Navy.

The Navy offers versatile, interesting and challenging duties in both naval and coastal units. 

Every year, about 3,500 conscripts carrying out their military service in the Navy serve in the coastal units, and about 300 conscripts are trained in service on-board a ship. 

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Special training 

In the Navy, special training is given by the Diving School, operating in the Coastal Brigade, which trains combat and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) divers rotating every second year. The application period to diver training is from April to the end of July each year. The entrance exams are organised in Upinniemi at the turn of August and September. The diver training always begins in the January contingent. 

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Special duties 

The Navy also has some special duties to which you apply during the military service. The Naval Headquarters, the Coastal Fleet and the Naval Academy are included in the national application process to special duties. The versatile tasks on the offer range from a chaplain to research assistant or from a cyber conscript to communications conscript. The application period to special duties always begins when conscripts enter service in January and July. 

In the national application process, you can apply to naval duties from other branches of service or, as a naval recruit, to any of the special duties on offer. 

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The Coastal Brigade and the Uusimaa (Nyland) Brigade select the persons to be trained into communications conscripts and social media agents from among their own recruits in each contingent. Stay alert and follow your military unit's information channels when your service begins. 

Regional offices at the service of those liable for military service

Before you carry out your military service and after its completion, any affairs related to your liability for military service are managed in the regional office of your place of residence. 

You will find general instructions related to the call-ups and military service on the website. 

Other useful shortcuts: 

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