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Pohjanmaa-class to strengthen Finland's defence capability

The Navy Squadron 2020 project will replace some of the Navy’s vessels currently in service with Pohjanmaa-class multi-role vessels, or corvettes.  These multi-role corvettes will constitute the backbone of our country’s naval defence. 

A credible fleet and systems will deter attacks.  The Squadron 2020 project  will replace seven vessels with four Pohjanmaa-class multi-role corvettes: four Rauma-class fast-attack missile craft and two Hämeenmaa-class as well as one already decommissioned Pohjanmaa-class minelayer. The vessels in service remain operational in their roles, and their life-cycle continues. However, methods of modern warfare become more advanced, and new capabilities are required.  



 The Navy’s new Pohjanmaa-class vessels will repel attacks from the sea and safeguard vital assets at sea and in the archipelago.  They will ensure that the Navy will be able to conduct its statutory defence tasks in the future as well and control the sea and archipelago areas important from the perspective of operations.   Read more about the naval defence of the future using this link.

The Pohjanmaa-class vessels will feature versatile capabilities due to which they will be able to operate in different circumstances and tasks.  Read more about the key tasks and capabilities of the Pohjanmaa-class vessels here.