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Contact Information 

Our national switch board number is +358 299 800.

All numbers beginning with 0299 are mobile phone numbers. You can send text messages to all direct numbers.

Navy Command
PO BOX 58, 20811 TURKU
Rykmentintie 15, 20810 Turku

Coastal Fleet

PO BOX 5, 20241 TURKU
Laivastontie 2, 20240 Turku

Coastal Brigade

Nyland Brigade
Dragsvik Garrison Area, 10640 Dragsvik

Naval Academy
Suomenlinnna, 00190 Helsinki

Navy Band
PO BOX 58, 20811 TURKU
Rykmentintie 15, 20810 TURKU

Contacts for the media

The dissemination of FDF press releases

You can order press releases by email from the Finnish Defence Forces' media service.

Your email will function as your username and it is where the press releases will be sent. When you have filled in the request form, a confirmation message will be sent to your email. This message contains further steps by which to confirm your order.

At you can view and subscribe to press releases and register as a new user. We accept media representatives to the service. The public subscription service can be found at

Privacy policy statement for the Finnish Defence Forces’ Media Service.

Email addresses

Unless otherwise mentioned, a person's email is in the form [email protected].

FDF images

Wartime images

Wartime images from the Winter and Continuation War as well as from the Lapland War are available online at Images can be viewed freely and can be used according to the terms of use of the service. The data base contains some 160,000 images. The pictures were published in their digital form in 2013.

Media photos

Media photos attached to press releases are stored in the media service. Media representatives can download those when signed in the mediaservice.

Finnish Navy

Navy Command (Merivoimien esikunta)

Chief Public Affairs Officer Annele Apajakari, tel. +358 299 301 830
Public Affairs Officer Markus Malila, tel. +358 299 301 831

Navy units

Coastal Fleet (Rannikkolaivasto)
Public Affairs Officer Nina Soini, tel. +358 299 311 303

Coastal Brigade (Rannikkoprikaati)
Public Affairs Officer Maria Hurme, tel. +358 299 321 007

Nyland Brigade (Uudenmaan prikaati)
Public Affairs Officer Hanna Tallberg, tel. +358 299 331 017

Naval Academy (Merisotakoulu)
Public Affairs Officer Inka Jousmaa, tel. +358 299 340 114

Navy Band
General Manager Lisa Forss, tel. +358 299 306 102