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One of the branches for a naval cadet to choose is the coastal defence branch. Photo Finnish Defence Forces, Simon Källman.

The training of naval cadets

Those cadets who want to become Navy Officers study in the Naval Academy in Suomenlinna.

Cadets study subjects that are common to all services at the National Defence University in Santahamina. Their service-specific and branch-specific studies are conducted at the Army, Naval or Air Force Academy.

If your service of choice is the Navy, you will attend the Finnish Naval Academy as a Naval Cadet. At the Naval Academy you have to specialize in one of the following:

  • Navy Branch
  • Coastal Defence Branch
  • C4ISR Branch
  • Coast Guard Branch

In addition to the regular student benefits, the Naval Academy provides recently renovated accommodation and mess rooms, good food, a spacious sauna and historical surroundings.

The Naval Academy is situated on an island. Yet it takes only 15 minutes to reach the Market Square and Helsinki City Center by ferry.

Naval cadets take part in the Nordic Cadet Meeting once a year. Photo Finnish Defence Forces, Auli Aho.