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Finnish Minelayer to take part in the sea surveillance Exercise in Sweden

Coastal Fleet
11.9.2020 12.52
Press release
Minelayer Uusimaa at sea.
Minelayer Uusimaa.

Coastal Fleet’s Minelayer Uusimaa will take part in the Sea Surveillance Exercise led by the Swedish Navy 14 - 16.9.2020. The exercise takes place in the archipelago off Stockholm and in the Northern Baltic Sea.

In the bilateral exercise the Finnish and the Swedish Navies are to develop their cooperation in sea surveillance and in sharing the maritime situational awareness. Besides the Finnish Minelayer and the Swedish vessels and helicopter there will be Operations Centres and Sea Surveillance Centres in both countries operating in the exercise.

- The exercise is a continuum in the Cross Border Training -activity between our countries, which is part of the dense cooperation between Finnish and Swedish Navies. The range of themes in the CBT exercises covers the different functions of the Navies, says Coastal Fleet’s Chief of Staff, Commander Mikko Villikari.

- In this exercise we maintain and develop our interoperability in sea surveillance and sharing the maritime situational awareness, in which we already have a good, throrough experience based on the many years of cooperation. In this exercise we also train changing the command of the ships from one Operations Centre to another, Villikari continues.

The national recommendations concerning the Coronavirus disease pandemic are taken into account in the execution of the exercise.

The exercise is part of the Finnish Navy’s Cross Border Training (CBT), which is accepted  in the Ministry of Defence as an international exercise included in the 2020 programme.