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The Navy participates in national and international exercises

Exercises are part of our core activity. We rehearse in order to know how to act in real situations.

Through national exercises, the Navy is developing the defence of our home country. The exercises range from exercises at basic-unit level to extensive joint exercises involving all the capabilities and units of the Navy.

Exercises together with other authorities improve our readiness to contribute to comprehensive security in society and to providing support to other authorities. Together with other authorities, the Navy practices such activities as oil spill response, rescue operations at sea and the clearing of underwater explosives.

Through international exercises, our capacity to act as part of a multinational unit improves, as does our readiness to participate in international crisis management operations led by, for instance, the UN, the European Union or NATO. International cooperation supports our national exercises and the development of our maritime defence.

Exercise Freezing Winds 22 comes to an end - the Navy’s international exercises are an important part of the stability of the Baltic Sea

The international exercise Freezing Winds 22 led by the Finnish Navy will come to an end on Friday 2 December.  The Finnish training troops will return to their home garrisons for post-exercise administration by noon on Friday.
1.12.2022 | 9.12
Finnish Navy main exercise Freezing Winds 22 to start

Finnish Navy main exercise Freezing Winds 22 to start

The autumn’s main exercise Freezing Winds 22 to be led by the Finnish Navy will take place from 22 November -2 December 2022. Troops from the Finnish Navy, Army and Air Force as well as a great number of international partners will take part in this international naval exercise.
15.11.2022 | 10.17
Finnish Navy exercises with French MCM vessel in the Baltic Sea

Finnish Navy exercises with French MCM vessel in the Baltic Sea

The Finnish Navy is exercising with the French mine countermeasures vessel Céphée in the Baltic Sea 22¬-23 September 2022 Afterwards the French vessel will moor in Turku until the 28th of September.
20.9.2022 | 15.59

The Navy exercises with United States vessels and Marines - Heavy aviation and surface vessel traffic at Hankoniemi and Upinniemi

The Finnish Navy will be exercising with the United States Navy in the Northern Baltic Sea, and with Marines in the areas of Hanko and Upinniemi from 8 - 19 August.
8.8.2022 | 14.59