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Coastal Fleet rehearses winter operations

Coastal Fleet
Publication date 22.2.2024 13.42
Press release
Hämeenmaa-class minelayer at sea

The Coastal Fleet’s annual winter operations exercise Lumiukko 24 is being conducted in the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea from 27 February until 7 March 2024.

Lumiukko24 is a combat technical and seamanship exercise the goal of which is to train naval troops to operate in challenging winter conditions in the frozen sea in freezing temperatures.   Lumiukko24 consists of partial exercises including, among other things, naval mine laying, firing and various types of winter navigation exercises.

- The task of the Navy is to safeguard territorial integrity at sea all year round. Winter navigation and operating in winter circumstances require special skills, so training in sub-zero temperatures is essential for maintaining combat capability, emphasizes the Chief of Staff of the Coastal Fleet, Commander Jan-Erik Aitos.

Lumiukko24 involves the participation of vessels from the 6th  Surface Warfare Squadron, the 7th Surface Warfare Squadron and the 8th Service Support Squadron in the exercise.  In addition, some international partners from the Estonian, German and Latvian Navies participate in the exercise on board Finnish vessels. Finland possesses strong competence in operating in Arctic circumstances. Sharing this know-how with NATO Allies is very valuable indeed for developing the Alliance’s collective defence.