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Exercise Dynamic Move 20 develops Mine Countermeasures’ commanding

Coastal Fleet
24.1.2020 14.24
Press release
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Finnish Navy participates in the exercise Dynamic Move 20 Jan 27 - Feb 7 2020 in Belgium with staff officers from Coastal Fleet’s 4th Mine Countermeasures Squadron.

Dynamic Move 20 concentrates on training the commanding, tactics and measures of Mine Countermeasures at sea.

- In this exercise, our goals are developing the commanding of Finnish national Mine Countermeasures and international interoperability of the troops. Participating in the exercise as part of the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG1) staff gives us a good opportunity to networking and to get to know better the manners of the SNMCMG1, says commander Mikko Villikari, chief of Staff of Coastal Fleet.

Finnish Navy has set a Katanpää-class Mine Countermeasures Vessel in the NATO Response Force’s Follow On Forces Group for 12 months starting from Jan 1 2020. Exercise Dynamic Move supports the preparations of the 4th Mine Countermeasures Squadron staff officers for the upcoming exercises together with the SNMCMG1 planned for this year.

Some of the Finnish officers will participate in the exercise in cooperation with the Swedish staff officers forming a Finnish-Swedish Mine Countermeasures staff.

Dynamic Move is a yearly exercise executed by the Commander of the Allied Maritime Command, in which Coastal Fleet has participated several times. Participation in the exercise is planned in the Finnish Navy’s operating plan 2020-2024 and is approved by the Finnish Ministry of Defence as an international exercise of the year 2020.

The Finnish Navy’s participartion in NATO exercises is based on NATO’s program Partnership for Peace, PfP, of which Finland became a member in 1994.