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United States Marine Corps to intensify its cooperation with Nyland Brigade

Nyland Brigade
Publication date 26.10.2023 14.36 | Published in English on 30.10.2023 at 13.57
Press release

A detachment from the United States Marine Corps, Combat Logistics Battalion 6 has arrived in Finland for a time of approximately two months. The detachment will train together with Nyland Brigade from the end of October until the beginning of December. This stay is a continuation of our cooperation last year, when a smaller unit from the same battalion trained together with Nyland Brigade in the autumn.

The detachment with a strength of 250 Marines, will be quartered in Nyland Brigade, Dragsvik and it will operate mainly within the Brigade´s training areas. The detachment will participate in the Finnish Navy’s main military exercise Freezing Winds 23 at the end of November.

This cooperation is a part of the bilateral defence cooperation between Finland and the United States. Finland has a long experience of international cooperation with different countries, and during the last years the cooperation with the United States has increased.

- This is a splendid opportunity for our personnel and our conscripts to get to know and to train together with US Marines. Several training events have been planned for these two months, the main event being Exercise Freezing Winds 23. One of the main emphasis is developing our capability to host bigger units, in this case a detachment, and arrange host-nation support for them, says the Chief of Staff of Nyland Brigade, Commander Pekka Snellman.


Getting to know the operating environment on the Finnish coast and the working methods of the Finnish forces and purposeful development of defence cooperation will improve our allies’ readiness and ability to operate in Finland.


Dragsvik, Raasepori Joukko-osasto