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The Finnish Navy to participate in Balex Delta 2021

Coastal Fleet
Publication date 20.8.2021 10.37
Press release
Oil recovery vessel in action at sea.

The Finnish Navy's Multipurpose Vessel Louhi and Oil Recovery Vessel Hylje will participate in the international Balex Delta exercise in the Gulf of Finland near Kotka from 24 to 25 August 2021.

Balex Delta is an annual environmental response exercise with participants from Baltic Sea nations. During the exercise, the alarm system between the countries and the action of the multinational environmental response units will be tested in a long term and large-scale operation. The exercise is organized by the Finnish Border Guard.

In addition to the Finnish Border Guard, the Finnish Navy and the Rescue Department, as well as other Finnish authorities related to environmental response at sea and on the shore will take part in the exercise. International participants will arrive, among others, from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Latvia and Estonia.

Balex Delta is part of the cooperation within the framework of the Baltic Sea Action Plan. The exercises are arranged and hosted annually by the Baltic Sea coastal nations following a rotation schedule. 

The exercise will be executed respecting the COVID 19 -restrictions.