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Keel of the first Pohjanmaa-class corvette was laid

Publication date 11.4.2024 13.00
Press release

The building of the first multi-purpose corvette included in the Squadron 2020 project has advanced to the keel laying phase. A traditional keel laying ceremony was celebrated at Rauma shipyard on Thursday 11 April 2024.

The laying of the keel represents an important milestone in the construction of the Squadron 2020 multi-purpose corvettes.  The first block is now laid on the shipyard’s building bucks.  This achieved, the vessel starts to be constructed around this keel block as other blocks get connected to one another.

The building of this multi-purpose corvette has advanced at a good pace according to plans since the construction work kicked off in late October 2023.  Keel laying is a traditional ceremony celebrating the advancement of ship building work. In keeping with traditions, the event involves the placing of so-called keel coins under the keel.

Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) and its subsidiary RMC Defence Oy are building four Pohjanmaa-class multi-purpose corvettes for the Navy designed for the range of circumstances of the Baltic Sea.  Through all the four seasons, the corvettes will be capable of laying sea mines, conducting anti-submarine operations, securing sea lines of communication and achieving sustained presence at sea.  The Defence Forces Logistics Command is the commissioning unit in the Finnish Defence Forces. In its entirety, the Squadron 2020 project will be completed by 2029.