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Exercise Atrain 23 Trains Cooperation in Rapidly Evolving Circumstances

Coastal Brigade
Publication date 17.5.2023 17.06
Press release

Exercise Atrain 23, led by the Coastal Brigade, will be held 26 May - 2 June 2023. The exercise activities will concentrate on the coast of the Gulf of Finland and the sea areas between the Hanko Peninsula and Hamina.

Exercise Atrain 23 is the Navy's main exercise of the spring ,and it evaluates the  performance of the units consisting of conscript contingents II/22 and I/23 who muster out of service in June.

In the exercise, the Navy’s units will be widely and rapidly deployed in Finnish coastal areas, to train in a rapidly evolving situation in cooperation with forces from the Finnish Border Guard and the Army.  The exercise will take place at the same time with the Army’s Exercise Karelian Lock 23, which is led by the Karelia Brigade. The exercise will integrate the combat operations of the Navy and Army forces in coastal areas and in ports. 

In addition to Navy units, the exercise will include troops from the Finnish Air Force, Border Guard and Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command.  A Low Altitude Air Defense Detachment from the United States Marine Corps will also participate in the exercise to train in working alongside Finnish units.

The overall number of conscripts, reservists and regular personnel participating in the exercise is over 2,000 people. The Exercise Director is the Commander of the Coastal Brigade, Captain (N) Marko Laaksonen.