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Developing the Navy’s Mine Sweeping Capability to Meet the Needs of the 2030s

Publication date 15.2.2022 13.54 | Published in English on 16.2.2022 at 15.37
Press release
Kiiski-luokan miinanraivaaja tehtävässä Saaristomerellä 2018. Kuva: Combat Camera/Puolustusvoimat.

The latest Government Defence Report (VNS 2021) mentions the modernisation of mine sweeping capabilities, which is set to begin with replacing the ageing Kuha and Kiiski class vessel. The vessels were built in the 1970s and 1980s, and extending their life cycle is no longer cost-effective.

The Defence Forces Logistics Command has opened a call for requests to participate in the procurement of systems for the Mine Sweeping 2030 project. Answers are expected in March 2022, and after that the selected suppliers will receive invitations to negotiations and preliminary requests for quotations. 

The procurement tendering of the Mine Sweeping 2030 vessels will be done as a turnkey project, which includes procurement of the minesweepers and mine sweeping systems as well as integrating them to the platforms. The minesweepers will have autonomous features. Influence-mine sweeping consists of acoustic, magnetic and electrical minesweeping systems. The Navy's existing mechanical sweep gear will also be used in the future.

The call for requests to participate starts the first phase of the call for tenders, and the first round of negotiations will take place during 2022. The overall procurement budget is approximately EUR 18–20 million. The procurement includes an option for approx. EUR 15 million additional purchases.