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Demanding and Interesting Conscript Service Awaits 

2.7.2021 11.56
Press release

On 5 July 2021, approximately 1,800 recruits start their military service in the Finnish Navy, and 120 of those are women. Approximately 1,100 recruits start their service in the Coastal Brigade, and a little over 700 in the Swedish-speaking Nyland Brigade. 

The Navy trains capable forces for peacetime and wartime naval defence duties, so there are many interesting duties available. You can find more information about them at the Finnish Defence Forces’ website

The Navy uses the new Training 2020 Programme methods, which have increased the use of simulators and virtual training environments, and modified the structure and content of training phases. At the end of the six-week basic training phase, selections are made for job training, and at that time approximately one fifth of the Coastal Brigade’s conscripts will transfer to the Coastal Fleet for naval training for those headed for Navy ships. 

Due to ongoing barracks renovations in the Coastal Brigade, one unit at a time will complete its basic training phase in Pansio, Turku. Additionally, since the beginning of this year the Coastal Brigade has been a part of a unisex- barracks-room pilot that will continue in the Defence Forces at least until late 2021. 

Conscript Service is a Challenge and an Opportunity for Self-Development 

Conscript service is different from the situations and life experiences most young people have experienced before. During conscript service you will meet different kinds of people and work as part of a larger group following exact instructions and schedules. All of this requires flexibility  from the conscripts, and adapting to intense training and a chain of command. 

- In conscript training you will have the opportunity to learn many things that will benefit you late, during your studies and your working life. Training and doing new, challenging things together with others will improve your confidence and belief in yourself, as well as your skills in operating in a group, both as a peer and as a leader. The exercises included in training will improve your resilience and stress management, as well as your ability to manage very challenging situations, says the Coastal Brigade’s Chief of Training, Lieutenant Commander Jari-Pekka Kettula.

- Think about what your strengths are, since those will often be your strengths also in service. On the other hand, think about what things you want to develop and improve during military service, since personally important matters increase your motivation and make service more meaningful, Kettula continues.

Conscript Training Creates Foundations for Maintaining Physical Fitness  

Military training does not require you to complete superhuman feats of fitness or endurance, but the physical stress of training may be challenging if you haven’t done much sports or physical exercising. Good endurance and muscle fitness will, however, ensure a meaningful conscript service experience and protect you against musculoskeletal injuries.
Most of conscript training is low intensity training, but still a physically and mentally draining activity. The goal of physical training is to improve your physical endurance and strength, and to provide you with the basics for exercising.  The training will also provide you a good foundation for maintaining your fitness in the reserve. The garrisons have a variety of exercise and sports facilities. 

Preventing COVID-19 is a Priority 

It is the job of the Finnish Defence Forces to ensure the health of conscripts and personnel in all conditions and circumstances. We want to ensure that all conscripts receive safe and the best possible training during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the beginning of their military service the recruits will be divided into three detachments (A, B and C). The detachments will mainly follow a 2+2+2 cycle, which consists of four weeks on duty, followed by two weeks of leave. The detachments will not interact during service.