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Cooperation and logistics the center of the Navy’s major exercise

Publication date 8.11.2018 7.29
Press release

Multinational Northern Coast 18 exercise conducted by the Finnish Navy ends on Thursday Nov 8th.

NOCO 18 was the main training event for the Finnish Navy in 2018. During the course of the exercise all fields of naval warfare and coastal operations were carried out by the multinational force. Nearly 4 000 soldiers from 13 countries took part in the exercise at sea, on land and in the air.

In the final phase of the exercise the forces rehearsed the protection of the sea lines of communication and the reception of international assistance. Secure and open sea lines of communication are vital also during a possible military crisis.

At the conclusion of the exercise commander of the Finnish Navy, vice admiral Veijo Taipalus, emphasized the successful preparations and the training of the logistics process:

- The planners did a remarkable job during the long preparation phase of the exercise. A successful completion of a long duration multinational exercise is a challenging job. Northern Coasts 18 offered an excellent opportunity to train not just the operational task groups but also the whole logistics chain.

- The time of the year and technical challenges add their own flavor to an exercise like this but all in all our systems performed well. I want to thank both the Finnish and the partner nations’ forces from their active participation in the exercise. Without your contribution we would not have had a successful exercise, concludes Taipalus.