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The Navy exercises with United States vessels and Marines - Heavy aviation and surface vessel traffic at Hankoniemi and Upinniemi

Publication date 8.8.2022 14.59
Press release

The Finnish Navy will be exercising with the United States Navy in the Northern Baltic Sea, and with Marines in the areas of Hanko and Upinniemi from 8 - 19 August.

USS Kearsarge, USS Gunston Hall and USS Arlington are the American vessels that will take part in the training at sea.  The American ships operating with vessels of the Coastal Fleet will rehearse naval operations, including situational awareness cooperation, protection of maritime traffic and supporting coastal combats from the sea.

The Finnish Navy’s readiness units and reservists will train together with the United States 22nd  Marine Expeditionary Unit in the Hankoniemi and Upinniemi areas. In approximately company-strong exercises, the troops will rehearse, among other things, offensive and defensive combat in the archipelago and conduct live fire exercises. 

- The objective of our training is to develop interoperability and joint capability to conduct maritime operations.  The troops getting familiar with the Finnish operational environment and the special coastal circumstances, and learning each other’s operational procedures and joint use of equipment will comprise the core of the training, says Deputy Chief of Staff Navy Operations, Captain (N) Juhapekka Rautava.

Heavy flight activity and vessel traffic will be involved.  In the training, units will be transported with helicopters or amphibious craft.  Both Finnish and American equipment will be on the move, including  NH90 helicopters, Chinook, Blackhawk, Viper ja Venom helicopters as well as various types of amphibious boats.

The activities will focus on Hanko’s Syndalen area and Russarö island, and on Upinniemi and Mäkiluoto off Upinniemi.