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Recognized maritime picture sharing and commanding detachments were rehearsed in the Baltic Sea

Publication date 11.8.2023 16.46
Press release

The Finnish Navy rehearsed with the United States, Sweden and Estonia in the Northern Baltic Sea from 10 to 11 August.

Finland’s participation in the exercise included the involvement of the Maritime Operations Centre, and the Coastal Fleet’s minelayer FNS Uusimaa and fast-attack craft FNS Hamina.

The United States participated with the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Roosevelt (DDG-80) and the maritime patrol aircraft P-8 Poseidon. Sweden participated with the Visby-class corvette HMS Karlstad.  

The Finnish Maritime Operations Centre led the exercise, coordinating operations between the United States Sixth Fleet and the Swedish and Estonian maritime operations centres.  

The goal of the joint exercising was to build the vessels’ and maritime operations centres’ interoperability in securing sea lines of communication and defending maritime areas.  Rehearsing these maritime operations aims both at maintaining and developing the capability of operating together, sharing recognized maritime picture and commanding multinational units.  The training was part of regular Cross Border Training, CBT.