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Chief of Staff of the French Navy Visited Finland

Publication date 7.3.2024 12.06
Press release
French frigate Aquitane and Finnish minelayer Uusimaa at Sea.

Chief of Staff of the French Navy, Admiral Nicolas Vaujour visited Finland on 6 March 2024.  The visit was hosted by the Commander of the Finnish Navy, Rear Admiral Tuomas Tiilikainen. 

The purpose of the visit was to familiarize Admiral Vaujour with the activities of the Finnish Navy and discuss topical issues related to the security of the Baltic Sea region.

- Our Allies are widely interested in the circumstances of the wintry Baltic Sea and the Navy’s special know-how in these Arctic conditions. France is a strong European Ally, so its presence is of considerable importance, and it is vital to work for our collective security every day, Rear Admiral Tiilikainen estimates. ​​​​

- It’s been a great pleasure to meet my Finnish counterpart, and to discuss in depth about the Baltic Sea and NATO. The French Navy is committed to strengthen the links with our Northern Baltic ally, to demonstrate EU strategic solidarity and enhance our interoperability.  Finnish navy owns a unique expertise in the area and I was glad to share lessons learned with Rear Admiral Tiilikainen, admiral Vaujour describes.

In addition to meeting with Finnish Navy Commander, Admiral Vaujour met with Finnish Chief of Defence General Timo Kivinen and visited Naval Academy and a Hämeenmaa-class minelayer, and the French frigate FS Aquitaine berthed in Helsinki.