Kirkonmaa - Rankki, Gulf of Finland

Firings notice

Finnish Defence Forces will be firing with infantry weapons in Kirkonmaa - Rankki firing areas EF R56, R57, R58 daily Aug 27 - 30 2019 between 08:00-20:00.

The danger area extends 25 kilometers in a sector with the western border following the line Kaunissaari - Ristisaari and the eastern border following the line Kirkonmaa - Haapasaari. The sector is limited to Merikari - Ristisaari - Länsiletto - Luppi - Kuusenkari -line. The firing will not affect traffic in the 12 meter fairway south of Kirkonmaa nor in the 15,3 meter fairway leading to Kotka harbor.

The firing is carried out by The Finnish Border Guard.

For more details, call 0295 426 100.