Live exercising begins in Maritime warfare exercise Silja 19 on the 3rd of June - War ships and coastal forces are moving in the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea.

Navy 2.6.2019 18.49 | Published in English on 2.6.2019 at 19.00
Press release

Maritime warfare exercise Silja 19, led by the Finnish Navy Command, begins its live exercise phase (LIVEX) 3rd June. At the beginning of LIVEX, the surface vessels of Finnish Navy and a large amount of smallboats of Finnish Swedish Amphibious Task Unit also join the exercise.

LIVEX phase also causes an increased numbers of warship traffic especially in the Archipelago Sea and the Gulf of Finland. Warships operate mainly in the areas between Turku, Gyltö and Hanko. The main goal of the maritime warfare exercise Silja 19 is to exercise joint operations  of naval and coastal forces in the demanding conditions of Finnish archipelago.

- This exercise develops the readiness and joint operations capabilities of the Finnish Navy. Common training with our Swedish colleagues upholds and deepens the interoperability which already exists. Exercise also develops our capability of giving and receiving of international assistance, says the exercise director, commander Misa Kangaste

- The tasks of surface vessels in the exercice are varied. During this week, the vessels do operations such as protecting valuable transportations, minelaying and missile drills. Coastal forces operate mainly in the areas between Hankoniemi and Upinniemi, Kangaste adds.

One of the goals of this exercise is to prepare vessels and forces for the main exercise of Finnish Defence Forces in 2019 , Kaakko 19. Maritime warfare exercise also hosts a Swedish contingent of 450 personnel amphibious unit. Maritime warfare exercise Silja 19 ends on the 7th of June.