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Navy to rehearse antisubmarine warfare with Swedes

Coastal Fleet
Publication date 11.3.2024 12.31
Press release
Missile boat Pori at sea

The Finnish, French and Swedish navies will rehearse countering subsurface threats off the Swedish west coast from 13 to 20 March 2024. The Coastal Fleet will participate in the Marex Spring 24 exercise with Hamina-class missile boat Pori. In addition, two Finnish officers will be deployed on board Swedish corvettes for the duration of the exercise.

This exercise led by the Swedish Navy will focus on underwater warfare. The capabilities of Hamina-class missile boats in countering subsurface threats are top level by international standards; in conjunction with a mid-life upgrade conducted in 2018-2023, TP47 lightweight torpedoes and variable depth sonars, VDS were installed on the vessels. 

Finland conducts close cooperation with Sweden. International exercises enhance the personnel's know-how and international interoperability. Even if Finland does not have any submarines of its own, this kind of exercises provide Finland with an opportunity to conduct training with them.