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German Navy vessels to visit Turku

Coastal FleetNavy
Publication date 10.11.2023 8.11
Press release
Elbe-class vessels at sea

Three Elbe class command and supply vessels of the German Navy, FGS Rhein, FGS Donau and FGS Werra, will arrive in Turku for a scheduled port visit on November 10-13 2023.

The ships will not be open to public during the stay. The visit is hosted by the Commander of the Coastal Fleet’s 8th Service Support Squadron, Commander Miikka Kaarnakoski.

Main task of the vessels is to embark both national and international task group staffs and to support other ships of the German and other Navy, for example by replenishing their fuel and food stocks at sea. The vessels are 100,55 meters long.

Before the visit, the vessels exercised with the Coastal Fleet in Archipelago Sea.