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Finnish Minelayer and German Minehunters exercised together

Coastal Fleet
Publication date 17.2.2022 8.26
Press release
Two German Mine Hunters at sea, seen from the Minelayer.

The Finnish Navy's Minelayer FNS Uusimaa and German Navy's Minehunters FGS Datteln and FGS Fulda executed a Passing Exercise (PASSEX) together February 16 2022 in the Gulf of Finland.

The exercise developed naval abilities to cooperate in an international framework and had a focus on air defence. The Finnish Air Force flew sorties to support the exercise, which took place in the international waters.

The so called Passing Exercises are a part of international naval traditions. According to the tradition warships from different states may conduct an exercise together as a part of naval visit or when operating  in the same area.