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Finland participated in the UK-led JEF exercise

Publication date 1.6.2022 12.30
Press release

The Finnish Navy participated in the Baltic Protector exercise in the Northern Baltic Sea in international waters on 31 May 2022.

This so-called PASSEX exercise was led by the United Kingdom conducted with the participation of the Joint Expeditionary Force of the JEF nations.  Finland participated in the training event with the Maritime Operations Centre and one Rauma-class fast-attack craft.  The Air Force supported the training event with target flying.  

The exercise trained the participants to operate in a multinational operating environment and enhanced the know-how of the personnel of the vessel and the Maritime Operations Centre in the exchange of international situation picture. 

A maximum of 110 Finnish naval soldiers including 40 conscripts at most took part in the exercise. A total of approximately 320 naval soldiers were included in the JEF TG in the training event. 

In addition to the Finnish fast-attack craft, vessels from the United Kingdom, Norway and Latvia took part in the exercise.