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Balex Delta strengthens multinational cooperation

Coastal Fleet
Publication date 22.8.2022 8.00
Press release
Multipurpose vessel Louhi at sea

The Coastal Fleet’s multipurpose vessel Louhi will take part in the multinational Balex Delta 22 environmental response exercise from 22 to 25 August 2022. The Exercise is organized in Germany, in the sea area off Warnemunde.

The objective of the exercise is to practise oil and chemical spill response operations at sea as part of a multinational response unit. Moreover, Louhi practices transporting MIRG-group. Prevention of a major accident caused by a collision between a tanker and a container ship will serve as the exercise scenario.

Balex Delta is the Baltic Sea nations’ annual oil spill response exercise. It tests the alarm system between the countries and the operation of the multinational oil spill response unit. This year, the exercise will be led by Germany. Besides Louhi, the staff of the Finnish Border Guard will participate in the exercise.