Finnish Navy and a Royal Navy vessel to exercise together

Coastal Fleet 5.7.2018 9.05
Press release
7th Surface Warfare Squadron's vessels Minelayer Hämeenmaa and Patrol Gunboat, Guided-Missile Tornio.

Finnish Navy will execute exercise PASSEX together with Royal Navy vessel HMS Montrose from the Great Britain July 6 - 7 2018. The exercise will be held in the Northern Baltic Sea.

To Finland the aim of the exercise is to improve abilities for national defence. The exercise will also develop the competence of the personnel to cooperate in an international framework which is needed, for example, when serving in demanding international crisis management tasks.

Finland will take part in the exercise with Minelayer Hämeenmaa, two Hamina-class Patrol Gunboats, Guided Missile, Hanko and Pori, and Pansio-class Minelayer Inshore Pyhäranta. The exercise will be led by Commander Kaarle Wikström, Commander of the 7th Surface Warfare Squadron.

HMS Montrose is Royal Navy’s type 23 frigate. She will arrive in Turku to honour the Finnish Navy’s 100 years celebration July 8 - 9 2018.