Established in 2013, the operation MINUSMA is tasked to support the legal government of Mali in order to achieve and maintain a secure operating environment to enable reconstructing the country. The overall strength of the Finnish personnel in the operation is currently 5 persons.

MINUSMA aims to protect civilians, monitor human rights and facilitate humanitarian assistance and possibilities for safe return of displaced persons. Furthermore, MINUSMA supports the extension of State authority as well as the preparation of free elections. The operation’s activities focus on key population centers located in northern and central Mali.

Finland participates in the operation with maximum 20 persons. The Finnish peacekeepers serve in staff positions in Bamako and as part of the Swedish unit in Timbuktu. In addition, Finnish police officers participate in the operation in civilian crisis management duties.

Finland has participated in the operation since 2013.

For additional information on MINUSMA, visit their website.