Established in 2013, EUTM Mali is tasked to support the Malian Armed Forces (MAF) by means of training and advising. The objective is to enable the MAF to restore the country’s territorial integrity. The overall strength of the Finnish personnel in the operation is currently 3 persons.

Aiming to meet the operational needs of the MAF, the operation EUTM Mali provides training for military units and develops the chain of command and logistics. This training also involves raising awareness relating to protection of civilians and human rights.

The operation’s activities are limited to southern Mali region and its Headquarters are located in Bamako. The training base of the operation is located in Koulikoro, approximately 60 kilometers from the capital. Parts of the training activities take place outside the base in the field in terrain conditions. The EUTM Mali personnel does not participate in the combat activities nor activities conducted in the northern parts of Mali.

Finland contributes to the operation EUTM Mali by providing a maximum of 12 soldiers. The Finnish soldiers are tasked to provide infantry and medical training in particular while operating as part of a Nordic-Baltic group of instructors together with Sweden and Lithuania.

Finland has participated in the operation since its establishment.

For additional information on EUTM Mali, visit their website.