Iraq OIR

Beginning its operations in 2014, the US-led coalition of countries, the Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) is tasked to coordinate and strengthen international cooperation in countering DAISH. The overall strength of the Finnish personnel in the operation is approximately 80 persons.

The international coalition provides military support in countering DAISH's actions, prevents foreign fighters from accessing the conflict area, seeks to cut off DAISH's finances and to weaken DAISH's ideology. Additionally, the objective involves mitigating the humanitarian crisis in the area. Each contributing nation decides which type of support they provide.

The Finnish Crisis Management Force in Iraq (SKJI) consists of a training detachment and a mobile instructor and protection team complemented by conducting support tasks. Training is given to Iraqi security officials on course modules organised at the training bases around Kurdistan. Apart from Northern Iraq, training and advisory measures conducted by the Finnish Crisis Management Force also reach other regions in Iraq as well.

The OIR operation differs from Finland’s other crisis management operations. The status of the forces in Iraq are not defined by a common international agreement but is based on an exchange of notes between Finland and Iraq.

Finland has participated in the operation since 2015.

For additional information on OIR, visit their website.