Santahamina, Gulf of Finland

Firings notice

Finnish Defence Forces will be firing infantry weapons in Santahamina firing range May 23rd .- May 25th 2020 from 0800hrs to 2100hrs daily (24.5.2020 10.00-20.00hrs).

3150 meters long and is bordered as follows: left border: Santahamina Isosaari (Leipurinniemi) - Louesaari (excl) - Mustakupu (excl) - Kutuhället (excl), right border: Santahamina Itäniemi (Virolahdenpaasi) - Kuivakari (excl) - Isosaaren Peninkarit (excl)

The firing is carried out by Guard Jaeger Regiment.

For more details, call 0299 421 986.